sticky guinness chicken wings

sticky guinness chicken wings

This is based on my grandmothers' Pot Roasted Chicken recipe, which is itself something of a fusion dish, combining Eastern and Western ingredients and cooking methods. My version is faster, party friendlier and seriously boozed up lol. Grandma always loved her Guinness but would've screamed "sacrilege!" had she seen me pouring it into the cooking pot! It definitely packs a double whammy from the pepper and Guinness and is not for the fainthearted *wink* The brave will be justly rewarded with tender and juicy wings popping with flavour. Robust and memorable. This is a dish I am proud of and very happy to share.

Prep : 15 mins

Cook : 35 mins

Serves : 4




 1 kg chicken wings - trim off tip and cut through at the joint
10 shallots - peel and pound to a fine paste
2 level tbs black peppercorns - very finely crushed
4 tbs dark soya sauce - not the sweet variety
1 tbs light soya sauce
4 level tsp sugar
1 can Guinness - 320 ml  (for a milder flavour, use 160 ml water and 160 ml Guinness)




Combine everything except Guinness in a large bowl and mix well. Leave to marinate 15 minutes. Drain off marinade and reserve.

Heat 4 tbs oil in  a wok or deep pan and when really hot, add chicken wings and brown thoroughly. Pour in reserved marinade and stir continuously till sticky, keeping heat high.

Pour in Guinness and bring to the boil. Lower heat and simmer till liquid evaporates and  chicken is cooked through and coated with thick, sticky gravy but not falling off the bone. Remember to stir often, scraping bottom and sides to prevent sticking and scorching.

Serve on its own as nibbles or snacks or with rice, mashed potatoes or pasta.

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