can't we do them under the trade descriptions act???

Had the following conversation Saturday (at a baked potato stand).

Baked Potato Person: "Would you like butter on that?"
Me: "Is it real butter?"
BPP: "Well, it's Dairygold."
Me: "So not butter then"
BPP: "Near enough"

But this is something that I've noticed a lot recently. Margerine being touted as butter is one of the lesser crimes in this category. Recently I ordered pork with crackling in a restaurant- When the crackling came it had obviously been deep fried rather than baked with the pork- probably in the same deep fat fryer as the "roast" potatoes. Which kinda brings me bake to the conversation above- at least BPP sold me a properly baked potato. My big bug bear is "baked" potatoes that have obviously been microwaved. To even further this little deception they often come wrapped in tin foil. The fun thing to do then is to tell the waitron that the potato is not cooked- hopefully they'll rush it back to the microwave for another zapping, but without removing the tin foil first. The gourmet strikes back!

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