hem is Andrew Moore

hem Andrew Moore is a well adjusted male in his early 40s, married with two daughters. When not programming I can be usually found reading (absolutely anything), torturing a guitar (I don't play, I torture) or vegetating in front of the TV, though I've found that I've been doing a lot less of this lately. I've been in the computer field for over 25 years, and I currently work for a small company in Dublin, Ireland, where I used to design software for the Psion range of computers, however as all things change I now find myself working on specialist areas such as aerial digital photography, LIDAR (3D laser scanning) and high precision GPS. My official title is IT Manager" which means I have to design the companies website as well ;)

Though only half-Irish by birth (I was born in Aylesbury, Bucks), I have been living in Ireland for 20 years. I love the pace of life in this country (as well as the beer). I do visit England quite regularly, and always support the international teams when they are playing. It goes down well over here to have an imported Brit to invite to the England/Ireland matches.

My musical tastes are exceptionally varied, but if I had to select an all time favourite band, then it would have to be Pink Floyd. Other faves include Aerosmith, Enya, Suzanne Vega, Air, Hazel O'Connor and Kate Bush.

After hours pursuits include Toastmasters (ATM-Silver), mountain biking and increasing my knowledge of local pubs. I enjoy water-skiing when I can and I hold a PADI Open Water license but only so I can go resort diving without having to do the "introduction" first. I'm team captain of the official Max Cannon Redmeat ten-pin bowling team. I also sail and have a share in a 23' Ruffian called Alias which we race-sail on Dublin Bay. I bake bread; my Grandfather was a baker and I always thought someone should carry on the tradition. On top of this I'm always increasing my cookery knowledge to cover more diverse ethnic foods.

I have a weird sense of humour but I love comedy in any form. If I had to cite a role-model it would be Spike Milligan who I think was an absolutely comic genius (and we share the same birthday). Also missed are Ronnie Barker, Dave Allen and Dermot Morgan (who once bought me a drink on my birthday). Other comedy favorites include Bill Bailey, Emo Phillips, Adam Hills, Rich Hall, Matt Welcome and Al Murray.

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