poached figs in orange and rosewater

Waitrose recipe - serves four

250g caster sugar
grated zest and juice of one organic, unwaxed orange
5 cardamom pods, lightly crushed
8 fresh figs
1 teaspoon rosewater

place sugar, orange zest and juice and cardamom pods and 300ml cold water in a medium-sized pan.  Stir over a moderate heat until the sugar has dissolved, then bring to the boil.

add the figs and reduce the heat to a simmer.  Cover the syrup and figs with a circle of baking parchment, carefully pressed down onto the syrup.  This prevents the figs from bobbing up.

Cook for 8 minutes, until figs begin to soften, then remove with slotted spoon into a serving dish.  Simmer the syrup for a further 7-8 minutes, to reduce slightly, then stir in the rosewater.

Pour syrup over the figs and allow to cool slightly.

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