corned beef hash

Not, I accept, a gourmet meal, but we had this for supper last night for the first time in *years*, so it's here as a reminder.  And it used up the bit of cabbage left too (we had been going to have cabbage and mozarella for supper, but Pete snared half of it for a coleslawish thing for lunch - bad man).

We boiled some rather elderly spuds, and steamed some finely shredded cabbage on the top.    When done, bashed the spuds with a masher - I wouldn't say "mash", because we didn't add any milk or butter or anything.

Fried a finely chopped onion in some duck fat, then added the potato and cabbage and stirred it round.  Then added a small tin of corned beef (without the tin, of course), cut into cubes.  Stirred some more, then started pushing it down into the fat till it browned.

Decant onto plates, add HP sauce, consume.   Delicious comfort food.

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