pumpkin and potatoes with duck fat and garlic

Serve as a side dish for steak, or on its own with a green salad and a sharp, vinegary dressing.

4 medium-sized floury or waxy potatoes
600g pumpkin, peeled
3 lightly heaped tbsp duck fat
a few sprigs of thyme
a single clove of garlic

Peel the potatoes and pumpkin, and slice them no thicker than a £2 coin. Melt the duck fat in a non-stick, shallow pan (I use a cast-iron one, so well used it barely needs oiling), add the potato and pumpkin slices, neatly or huggermugger, seasoning them with salt, black pepper, thyme leaves and a little chopped garlic as you go. Turn the heat to low and cover with a lid. Let them cook for about 25-30 minutes. As they start to soften, press them down with a spatula so they form a sort of cake that will be golden on the bottom, with slices of potato that are soft right through. I check them for tenderness by inserting a skewer right down through the centre. If it goes in effortlessly then they are done. Serve straight from the pan.

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