pork futures stir fry

Groundnut oil
Chopped ginger
Fivespice, ground allspice, black mustard seeds
Four spring onions
A courgette
A red and an orange miniature pepper
Pork, left unchopped and unmarinated in the meatsafe aka oven
Heaped teaspoon of smooth peanut butter
Rice Wine
Fish sauce
Lime juice

Fried ginger and spices, then added the chopped white parts of the spring onions. Fried for a minute or so, added thinly sliced mushroom, and (once the mushroom started exuding the oil back) added julienned courgette. Once that started to soften a bit, added similarly julienned peppers, and no sliced and marinaded pork at all, then a couple of blobs (about a heaped teaspoon in all) of smooth peanut butter. Sloshed in some rice wine and stirred around to ensure the peanut butter had dissolved into the mess, added a squirt of fish sauce, a slosh of shoyu and a drzzle of tabasco. Let this cook for a minute or so, added a slosh of lime juice and the chopped spring onion greens. Stir in cooked noodles, serve, and eat.

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