strawberries à la callens

I  was asked to post this here, and my apologies for its vagueness. It used to be cooked at the table and served at a Brussels restaurant called Chez Callans - hence the name. It is delicious and reasonably simple. I have never measured anything, so here follows roughly what to do :

Pre-prepare butter mixed with juice of orange and the zest, so that the flavour passes into the butter. How much? Difficult! I would guess at an ounce per person . . .

Pre-prepare massive glasses with healthy (or, according to your point of view, unhealthy) quantities of vanilla ice-cream.

Melt the butter you have prepared and then add sugar. How much? Difficult! I would guess at one ounce per person, maybe more . . .

Cook until it begins to caramelise.

Add green peppercorns. How many? Difficult! I would guess at a heaped teaspoonful per person . . .

Cook them for 3 to 4 minutes.

Add the hulled strawberries. How many? Difficult! I would guess at 8 to 10 per person . . .

Cook, mixing them into the caramel, yet retaining their shape. They should be warmed through and not let go mushy at all.

Glug on some Grand Marnier. How much? Difficult! All that you think and a bit more :-) Heat and set fire.

Spoon result over the pre-prepared ice-cream.

Voila :-) Bon appetite!

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