nitnat's bean salad

This recipe was inspired by the flavours of lemon and parsley from tabouleh.  Enjoy!

2 large cans beans (any will do, I like the ones that have a variety in them)
1 large sweet onion (honey sweet or vidalia)
1 large bunch fresh parsley
1-2 lemons
1-2 sweet peppers (yellow, orange or red)
splash of olive oil
salt and pepper

1) Rinse the beans really well to get all the sludge off of them
2) cut up onion into bean sized chunks
3) remove parsley stems, rinse the parsley really well, and snip into bite size using kitchen scissors
4) using a lemon zestor, remove lemon zest, then juice lemons
5) chop peppers into bean sized chunks
6) mix everything up in a big bowl with a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper


This recipe works really well with other veggies thrown in too!

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