pig's bum


nothing whatsoever to do with pigs, or bums, this rhubarb pudding is just unbelievably fabulous.  I commend it to you all utterly.

100g rhubarb, chopped into 4cm pieces
125g plus 1 tbsp sugar
125g self raising flour
125g very soft butter
2 eggs
1 heaped tsp baking powder
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
approx 3 tbsp milk

butter a pudding basin (ideally one with a lid, but in my experience a tinfoil hat serves perfectly well, *and* keeps out the alien rays).

simmer the rhubarb with a tbsp of sugar and 100ml of water, covered, over medium heat until it's cooked to a pulp; 5-7 minutes should do it.  Drain it, and let it cool.

put all the other ingredients - *except for the milk* - into a food processor (or use a bowl and someone else's strong arm else), and mix until very smoothly combined.  VERY smoothly combined - no lumps allowed.  Then add the rhubarb puree - you should have 4-5 tbsps - and pulse quickly so that it too is combined in the sponge batter. (No, I don't know how you do the pulsing without the Magimix).  It really doesn't matter if what you have is a pale yellow mixture shot through with strings of pink.  If it's a little stiff (ooh er), add the milk a little at a time.

now try a little with a spoon - not because you need to add anything, but because it is utterly ambrosial at this stage.  Then, reluctantly, pour the mixture into the basin.

fill a big saucepan with boiling water, put it on the heat, and bung in the pudding.  Make sure it's very well sealed, lidwise.  The boiling water should come about half way up the pan.

steam for about 2.5 hours, making sure it doesn't boil dry.  Remember to top up with *boiling* water if necessary.

turn out and serve.

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