left over pork

With thanks to Roger Nuttal for these - great ways to use up leftover pork.

poor man's Afelia
Cube the pork meat in largish pieces, soften some sliced onion, add coriander and some white wine (plus chicken stock, if available) to the pan, simmer a bit, add the
pork and simmer for half an hour or so. If there's too much liquid at the end, reduce it quickly & season to taste

The quantities are vague, as you see! That's because I've never written it down - it kind of evolved.

You could also do a porky version of Tyroler Geroestel: onions, pork, waxy potatoes and rosemary in, roughly, 1:2:3 proportions.

Slice the onions, soften in butter (more than usual). Brown the meat quite viciously. Par-cook the potatoes, preferably in stock (reserve that if you use it.) You can do all this simultaneously.

Add the onions and butter and the drained potatoes to the meat pan. Add the chopped rosemary (I use a lot) and fresh black pepper.  Cook gently (turning over and scraping from the bottom frequently) for 10-15 minutes. If it seems a bit dry, add some stock, white wine, or water.

Peasant food! A few burnt bits are good.

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