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Due to the huge numbers of people who are signing up to this site to advertise their own nonsense, we've now implemented an approval process.  So please, if you're a spammer, don't bother registering - nothing you post will be published.

For everyone else, sorry for the inconvenience - your registration and posts will be visible as soon as possible.

We want Nibblous to be a nice place. So we've got a few rules for you:

  1. play nicely with everyone - no bad language, no insults
  2. keep it on topic - this is a site about food so we don't want or need postings about other stuff
  3. don't use Nibblous to advertise your own wares - we don't want any spammers on here please.
  4. if you break our rules, we reserve the right to suspend, or terminate, your account
  5. at the moment, Nibblous is free. We hope to make our income from the Google and Amazon ads. At some point we may decide to charge for new, premium services, but we'll let you know. And early adopters will probably not be charged anyway.
  6. if you upload an image for your recipe or blog, it will be available to other Nibblous users for their own postings.
  7. the editors' decision is final - if we need to take a posting down, we'll take it down. It's our ball and our game.
  8. that's it, for now

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