flourless chocolate cake

200g Maya Gold chocolate
100g sugar
120g butter
100g ground almonds
4 eggs separated
icing sugar

Oven temp: gas 4 180C

Chop the chocolate and add it to the sugar and butter.

Melt them together in a bowl over a pan of hot water. (I'll probaby just use the microwave.)

Let it cool for 5 minutes then add in the ground almonds and stir well.

Beat egg whites until stiff and creamy.

Beat in the egg yolks into the chocolate mixture one at a time and then fold in the egg whites.

Spoon into muffin moulds and bake for 30 minutes or bake in a cake tin. When you test it, if some sticks to the knife, that's fine. It should be moist in the middle.

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posted by cookwitch on 09 Feb 07 - 11983 views

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