juniper pork

1 pork fillet, cubed
1/4 lb mushrooms
Creme fraiche
Dry sherry or vermouth or white wine or cider
1/2 tsp juniper berries (or to taste)
1 clove garlic
Seasoned flour
Sunflower oil
Parsley to garnish

Lightly coat the pork cubes in seasoned flour and  brown in the oil in a frying pan large enough to take them in one layer. Chop the garlic and juniper together, add to the pork and stir and fry for a minute.
Add the mushrooms, halved or quartered according to size, then enough cooking liquid to half cover everything. Season. Cover and simmer for about ten minutes, stirring once or twice, by which time everyhing will be cooked and the liquid will have reduced and thickened. Now add about 2 tbs of creme fraiche and bubble to make a sauce. 

Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve with rice and a green salad.

Enough for two or three - depending on how hungry/greedy you are. All quantities very approximate, it varies every time I make it.


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