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2 oz flour
2 level teaspoon cinnammon
2 level teaspoon ground ginger
8 oz butter
8 oz soft brown sugar
4oz golden syrup
4oz black treacle
1/2 pint warm milk
2 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
2 eggs (beaten)

There's a note saying I think I've added a little more spices & sryup than specified by the recipe in the past, because when other people make it it's come out a bit less spicy and gooey than when I make it - still, this is the recipe as written, so adapt as you see fit.

Grease & line a 19x28cm/7.5 x 11" inch tin. (Hrm, think I've also made it successfully in a 8x8" ceramic dish from memory - that could also have contributed to the gooeyness of my version, perhaps - although it wouldn't explain the different in spice level)
Put oven on to heat (160 C / 3256 F / GM 3)
Sieve flour & spices together.
Melt sugar, sryup, butter & treacle together in a pan. Note to folks who claim not to be able to cook: LOW heat, and stir it gently as it melts, otherwise the sugar might burn
Remove from heat, stir in flour.
Mix the warm milk & bicarb together, and stir into flour mixture (Again, convenience note - don't bugger about with a milk pan and risk scalding it, just nuke the milk very briefly in the microwave - for 1/2 pint, repeated 30 second bursts til it gets comfortably warm should do the trick. Warm to me means you can stick a finger safely in without burning yourself, fear my detailed temperature guidelines! The bicarb starts fizzing as soon as you put it in - this is the raising agent, so while you can warm the milk while waiting for the sugar/fat mixture to melt, leave putting the bicarb into it until the last minute, and certainly don't heat the milk with the bicarb in it - warm, then mix! ;)
Stir in eggs.
Pour into tin, bake for ~1 hour.
Further scrawled notes suggest 1) Poke with a skewer to check whether it's cooked through. and 2) Cooking in a china dish as mentioned above took 1 1/2 hours to cook fully - I don't know whether that waas an effect of using a china dish instead of a metal tin, or the increased depth - just that the only china dish I have is an 8x8" one ;)

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talodi said on 17 Dec 2006 at 21:55:16:

great rewcipe, but first time I tried it, it completely failed, too much butter I think! Trying again with about half the butter. talodi x

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