woburn farmers' market march 06

We first found this market by accident last year while out for a Sunday drive.  That time we discovered a chilli stall that was selling plants - one was called 'fireworks' and had lots of fantastic looking white and mauve chillis on it.  As it was quite late in the year and we were going to be away for a long holiday we didn't buy it but determined to look out for one this year.

We went back today.  No chilli plants on sale - too early in the year, perhpaps.  As we walked to the market from the car park I overheard a couple, walking back with full bags, saying 'it's a good job this is only once a month, if it was every week we would spend far too much money'.

We bought some ostrich.  Fillets, steak and pate.  The stall holder had some ostrich stew keeping hot which he invited us to try.  Quite an interesting flavour, which we both rather liked.  We also bought some turkey sausages, flavoured with black pepper and sage.  This stall also had duck and I bought a small pack of lean strips that I shall use for a stir-fry.  The breasts looked wonderful but as I have put on about half a stone this winter we decided we'd get some of that next month.  For the same reason I was persuaded to forego the mutton sausages and the lamb sausages flavoured with garlic and chilli.  We didn't even get any of the lincolnshire or cumberland sausages that another stall had on offer.

Things we looked at or tried but didn't buy included:-
~ mild goats cheese coated with chilli and ginger; I tried some and the texture was fine but the flavour was so mild that all I could taste was the spice.
~ a chilli and ginger marinade and a lime and coriander marinate.  Both very nice but at over £5 per bottle I shall pass and make my own.
~ real lemon curd - oh I really wanted that but I shall shall cry if I put on another ounce
~ fudge. My partner may have made me leave the lemon curd but he left the fudge, which is an even bigger hardship for him - almost as much as a sacrifice as him not having cheesecake
~fidget pie.  We didn't find out what was in that.  A label claimed it was eaten by the Earl of somewhere-or-another 400 years ago.
~wine - elderflower, strawberry, apricot (that sounds nice)

Before leaving we bough some small red potatoes 700g for £1; a nice looking savoy cabbage for 60p; a bag of shallots (about 500g) for £1 and a bag of brussels sprouts (about 580g) for £1 and some daffodils

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