toasted seeds - with and without chilli

These toasted seeds are delicious, easy to prepare, cheaper than chips and very healthy.  They make an excellent snack and they go very well with drinks before dinner.

150g pumpkin seeds
125g sunflower seeds
(try other seeds, too, if you like)
2 tablespoons soy sauce - or, even better, Tamari
optional extra:  cayenne powder to taste

I use a battered old cast-iron pan for toasting seeds, because the pan gets very hot and a non-stick lining might be damaged by such treatment.

Put the pan on high heat.  When it is nice and hot, pour in the seeds. With a spatula, stir the seeds constantly as they start to toast.  This is important - if you stop for a second, some seeds will burn.  Burnt seeds don't taste good.

When your seeds look nicely toasted, move the pan away from the heat (keep stirring - the pan will retain heat for a long while), then pour on the soy sauce.  Stir like mad to make sure that all the seeds are coated in soy.

If you want to add some chilli powder/cayenne, now is the moment.  You might like to separate the seeds into two different bowls:  one with chilli and one without.

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