russian stuffed eggs (farshyrovannye yaitsa)

for two greedy people as a main course. 

this, as far as I can recall, is how my mother cooked this dish.  I never wrote down her recipe, so it's from memory, guesswork and the Web Chef version.

6 hard-boiled eggs
1 medium onion, finely chopped, fried in a little oil until well cooked and even a little golden
a good bunch of finely-chopped dill, chives and parsley
1 raw egg white or 1 tablespoon of sour cream to make mixture cohere
fine breadcrumbs, spread on a plate
salt and freshly-ground black pepper
butter for frying

using a sharp serrated blade, cut the eggs in two lengthways, very carefully indeed, so as to leave the shells as much intact as possible (this is essential - and very tricky indeed).  

with a teaspoon, scoop yolks and whites into a mixing bowl.  Add the fried onions, finely-chopped herbs, egg white, salt and pepper.  Carefully spoon this mixture back into halved egg shells.  The mixture will be slightly mounded, not level with the top of the shell.  Now, dip the rounded face of each half egg shell into the breadcrumbs - or, if it seems that the mixture is at risk of falling out of the shells, spoon crumbs over the mixture.

in a large frying pan, melt a good knob of butter.  When it foams, place all the egg halves in it, face down, and allow to cook over medium heat for about ten minutes, until the mixture is heated through and the breadcrumbs are nicely browned.

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