low-fat meals in minutes

by ainsley harriott

Low-fat Meals in Minutes Blink and there's another Ainsley Harriott book out, this incarnation is Low Fat Meals in Minutes. The target audience this time is the weight-watching home-maker, struggling to fit those healthy lifestyle changes into a busy schedule; and perhaps also keeping an eye on the kids' fat intake. You really have to hand it to Harriott: he's very good at what he does. Low Fat Meals in Minutes presents 80 fresh, interesting, tasty, low-fat recipes, none of which takes more than an hour to prepare and cook (and most a lot less), and each of which is accompanied by a clear colour photograph--so you know exactly what it's supposed to look like--and nutrition notes. What could be simpler or more encouraging?

In the usual Harriott manner, inspiration ranges all over, with a preference for the flavours of Latin America, the Mediterranean and South-East Asia. So Prawn, Mushroom and Bean Sprout Noodles sits cheek-by-jowl with Jalapeno Tiger-Prawn Ginger Skewers; while not far away is Roast Lemon Bay-Scented Cod. Cajun and Jamaican jerk seasonings are also used to good effect, for example in the Louisiana Blue Cheese and Chicken Sandwich and Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Puddings are strong on fruit: a particularly happy invention is the "Live and Kicking" Lemon and Chilli Sorbet. A handy collection, therefore, of speedy, waistline-friendly recipe ideas, which might prove something of a primer in expanding culinary horizons. The drawback, for some, will be Harriott himself. You don't have to be a toffee-nosed Elizabeth-David-or-nothing purist to find his manner grating ("Slap 'em on the barbie" "Dee-lish!" "Wowee"). But he's nothing if not friendly. --Robin Davidson

posted 20 Apr 2006 at 17:05:45

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