pasta with tuna

This is a very simple, everyday recipe, taken from my dear old favourite, the Reader's Digest Cookery Year.  I'm writing from memory, so you may find this differs in some respects from the original.  This will feed two hungry people as a main course or four with delicate appetites (or as a starter).

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 (or more, if you like) crushed cloves garlic
300ml chicken or veg stock
3 tablespoons dry vermouth
300gms dry pasta
1 tin tuna (or 2, if you prefer lots of tuna)
2 more tablespoons olive oil
1 handful chopped parsley
Salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste

In a heavy-bottomed pan (I use a Le Creuset casserole),  gently heat a couple of tablespoonsful of olive oil.  When it's hot (don't let it get smoking hot, please!), put in two crushed cloves of garlic.  With a wooden spoon, spread the garlic around so that it all cooks.  Don't let it burn or it'll taste bitter.

Now, add the stock and the dry Vermouth.  Raise the heat until the liquid reaches a fast boil, and let it reduce over high heat until all that is left is a sticky, syrupy liquid barely covering the bottom of the casserole.  Remove from heat.

Cook the pasta in a very large saucepan. 

When it's nearly cooked, return the casserole to the stove and heat it.  When it begins to bubble, add the tin of tuna, flaked into smallish bits.

By now, the pasta should be ready.  Drain it, then put a couple of tablespoonsful of olive oil in the bottom of the pasta pan and put it on a low heat.  Now, flop the pasta back in and stir to coat with olive oil.   Add the tuna sauce from the casserole and stir will to distribute evenly.

Season with salt, lots of freshly-ground black pepper and freshly-grated nutmeg.  Garnish with chopped parsley.  Serve at once.

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ramtops said on 22 Feb 2006 at 19:36:12:

that's a grand old book, isn't it?  I've had my copy years and years.

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