arrabiata sauce for pasta

Thanks to Chris Comley for this one.

Soften a finely chopped onion and, if you like, a mashed up clove of garlic or two in quality oil. When its soft but not browned, lob in tomatoes*, and a finely chopped birds-eye chilli (one should be ample for a two-to-four serving quantity, but it's entirely up to you!!!) and salt to taste. A pinch of oregano. A little white wine perhaps, a dash of wine vinegar. Simmer a while.  You can cook it for as little time as it takes to cook the pasta though you'll get a better flavour if you can simmer it for fifteen to twenty minutes.

I prefer to boil and drain the pasta then throw it into the sauce and mix, and that means only one serving bowl,  but of course there will be those who prefer to pile pasta on the plate and dollop sauce on top. :) 
* - if you can get fresh pomodoro then fine, personally, I get excellent results with canned toms or the new trend for small cartons. I know someone who would rather use whole toms and mash them in the pan, but I'm just as happy with pre-chopped. 

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