valerie's chilled courgette soup

This recipe came to me from the peerless Valerie Kiertzner, valerie@cix

I have made courgette soup by gently frying a chopped onion, then adding sliced courgettes and frying without colouring until soft (garlic if liked, but I don't use it because the courgette flavour is very mild) then add the whole shebang to some pre-heated stock (light chicken or vegetable) and cook for about 10 minutes.

cool slightly and liquidise.  I add some fresh parsley at the liquidising stage to help the colour along.  Season well, because it's being served cold.  

enrich with a couple of spoonsful of double cream, or creme fraiche or vegan-friendly equivalent.

chill well and serve in chilled soup plates.  Drop a couple of ice cubes in before serving or a couple of cubes of frozen olive oil.

Quantities: say you start with a pint of stock for two people, then a smallish onion and four courgettes,  plus the 2tbs of cream would be about right.

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posted by sasha on 11 Feb 06 - 5882 views


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