roast salmon in mustard butter with saffron potatoes

serve with saffron potatoes (see separate recipe).  Note: these potatoes take the same amount of cooking time as the salmon, so you'll need to start them at same time.

serves six as a main course

1.1 kg (21/2lb) piece boned middle cut of salmon
175g (6ozs) melted butter
45ml (3 level teaspoons) wholegrain mustard
20ml (4 level teaspoons) dried dill
salt and pepper
300gms (10 ozs) fresh spinach, rocket or mixed salad leaves

pre-heat oven to 230 C (Mark 8).

open out salmon like a book until almost flat, by pressing along backbone area.  Place skin-side up in a shallow ovenproof dish just large enough to hold it.

mix together butter, mustard, dill, salt and pepper.  Pour over salmon. 

cook for about 20 mins or until just tender

cut salmon into thick slices.  Serve on top of the salad leaves with mustard butter from bottom of roasting dish spooned over the top of the fish.

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