pork and pineapple

pork and pineapple

this is gorgeous - wish I could remember where I found it :)

take one fillet of pork and slice very thinly (best to do this when it's still part frozen - guess who didn't?)

take one fresh pineapple and, ideally, pass it to someone else to skin and chop.  Put most of the resulting pineapple in the fridge in a covered bowl to scoff later, and keep about 1/4 - 1/3 out.

stir fry the pork, in batches, in a hot wok with hot groundnut oil.  Set aside.  Stir fry four finely chopped spring onions, and lots of garlic for a minute or two, then return the pork to the wok.  Add the aforementioned pineapple, a splash of fish sauce, the juice of a lime, and some finely chopped fresh coriander and mint.

serve with jasmine rice steamed with star anise.  Follow with fresh pineapple - sprinkle some black pepper on it if you like; works really well. 

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