cranberry, apple and chilli chutney

cranberry, apple and chilli chutney

A friend of mine blogged yesterday that she was making cranberry chutney. “That’s a nice idea”, I thought; I’ve actually never made chutney before, so I asked her for the recipe, and bought some cranberries today. And got Pete to fetch down my preserving pan from the top of the cupboard.  Then I started embellishing :)

a total of 24oz of fruit, which comprised about 2/3 cranberries to 1/3 apples (dessert, peeled, cored and chopped)
3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
juice and zest of 1.5 oranges (I had a half left over from gammon glazing)
21 fl oz of red wine
6oz castor sugar
1 red chillicut one up very finely - I included abouth half the seeds too

Put everything in a pan - I used my preserving pan for its intended purpose for the first time!  Bring it to the boil, and then simmer it for about 1 hour 10 minutes.

I decanted it into a bowl to cool down, because I wanted to wash the pan and get it put away.

I sterlised four glass jars in the oven, and then transferred the chutney when it was cool enough. The chilli gives it a real kick, and it’s utterly gorgeous.

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