theyumyum is Christina

I have no memory, money, or time. I'm obsessive about grammar and spelling, I have no real plans, and I am confused easily. Wierd stuff happens to me a lot.
I like randomity and am interested in anything unusual.
I cannot sing. At all.
I looove cooking. So much. I talk about it obsessively. I feel very bad for the poor boyfriend, but he's getting into it himself. I miss my television because now I have no cooking shows. T.T
I love pretty people.
I live in a tiny apartment with two Japanese guys. I call the apartment the Mousehole and I love it. However it is a challenge to cook in due to a complete lack of countertops and no dishwasher. I do a lot of cooking on the dryer. I love cheap meal that taste yummy and use few dishes or ingredients.

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